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441K AutoCC MIDI FX Script

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441K AutoCC MIDI FX Script

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AutoCC is a MIDI FX Script for MainStage 3. It acts as a virtual controller that can be used to automate mappable parameters in MainStage 3.

  • Output MIDI Channel refers to the MIDI channel that script will send MIDI data over. The default value is MIDI Channel 1, and I recommend not changing this setting.
  • Target Controller Number refers to the MIDI control change number that the script will send MIDI data over. This setting should correspond with whatever you’re automating. If you want to automation modulation, choose CC#1. If you want to automate expression, choose CC#11. If you’re looking to automate other plugin parameters, choose a general unused control change number like CC#87.
  • Trigger Note refers to the MIDI note that will trigger the script.
  • Trigger Mode lets you choose between “1st Time” and “Always”. If you choose “1st Time”, AutoCC will only activate the first time you press the trigger note. Choosing “Always” will activate the script every time you hit the trigger note. In “1st Time” mode, AutoCC script can be reset by changing the patch.
  • Tempo and Duration let you set the amount of time the script takes to sweep from 0 to 127.
  • Delayed Onset refers to the number of beats between pressing the trigger note and the virtual controller’s first movement. If you set the tempo to 120BPM and the delayed onset to four beats, the virtual controller will start sweeping two seconds (four beats at 120BPM) after the trigger note is pressed.
  • Sweep Direction refers to the direction of the virtual controller sweep.
  • Sweep Type refers to the curve of the sweep. You can choose between linear and logarithmic curves. If you choose the logarithmic option, you can change the shape of the curve with the Log Curve option.
  • Reset Trigger lets you specify how AutoCC will be reset. “Natural Termination” will reset the script when the sweep is finished. “Trigger Note NoteOff” will reset the script when the trigger note is let go.

Click here to view documentation for AutoCC.

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